Jill Campion Custom Hand Made Tiles: tile glazes

Tile glazes

All our tiles are hand made in our Stoke-on-Trent factory in England. They are either hand-dipped or line-dipped with glaze. We are one of the few companies who offer the possibility to have the glaze cover not just the front face of the tile but also the sides. This means that if the edge of your tiles is visible (at the edge of panel, for instance) then the edge finish is as high-quality and attractive as the rest of the tile. Please let us know if you want this service.

We offer the following glazes as standard for both field tiles (i.e. the blank tiles you use to surround a panel, or to cover the majority of your kitchen or bathroom wall) and for image tiles and panels.

The images themselves are an extra layer of coloured pigments, transferred onto the tile and fired to make the designs permanent. The image layer is thin and the colours you perceive in the finished tile are affected by the underlying glaze colour. If you are considering ordering an image on a non-white tile then we recommend you call us first - some of images work better on some colours than others.

Coloured glazes

We offer any coloured glaze to order and can also match to a pantone number if required. Please ask for more information.

Crackle glaze

We offer a crackle glaze finish as well. Please ask for more information.

Tube lining

This lovely tile style (where a design outline is raised from the surface to create a relief effect) is also available. Please ask for more information.