Jill Campion Custom Hand Made Tiles: installation

Installing our tiles

You have invested in a top quality, handmade tile. To bring out the best in them your installer should take as much care as we did when we make them. To get the best finished results use a professional tiler with experience of hand-made tiles. For best results:

  1. Order sufficient tiles to allow for breakages. Few room corners are truly square so your installer needs to cut tiles at the edges to keep the tiles aligned vertically and horizontally. We normally recommend adding 10% to the basic area you wish to cover, but if you are tiling in a more intricate space with extra edges or corners, or the walls are particularly eccentric (in a period property, for instance) you may want to increase this proportion.
  2. Use only the highest quality materials. In particular cheaper tile adhesives are not flexible enough and will increse crazing. We only recommend Mapei mapegrip D2 ready mixed adhesive.
  3. Ensure your installer has experience with high quality, hand-made tiles.