Jill Campion Custom Hand Made Tiles: tile sizes

The sizes and shapes of our tiles

During manufacture the tiles are cut individually by hand, allowed to dry, stacked by hand into a kiln and fired. When cool they are either hand-dipped or line-dipped in the glaze, allowed to dry again and fired again. Decorated tiles then have the design applied and are fired once more.

As a result every single one is unique. These slight variations are precisely what give the tiles their beautiful finish and appeal to the eye.

Standard sizes (all sizes are approximate)

4 inch x 4 inch
103mm x 103mm
5 inch x 5 inch
126mm x 126mm
6 inch x 6 inch
152mm x 152mm
3 inch x 6 inch
76mm x 152mm

Border tiles standard sizes (all sizes are approximate)

4 inch x 2 inch
103mm x 51mm
5 inch x 2 inch
126mm x 51mm

Non-standard sizes

We can also make pretty much any size and depth to order up to a maximum of 8 inches by 8 inches. Please ask for further information